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This Memphis, Tennessee, Law Firm has a commitment to excellence in representation for Federal and State employment law matters.
This Memphis, Tennessee, Law Firm has a commitment to excellence
in representation for Federal and State employment law matters.

Just a few years ago, employers did not have many limitations on their ability to discipline or terminate employees. The employment at will doctrine, in most states, was the law. Federal law for many years has provided for minimum wage and overtime requirements. The few federal civil rights laws on the books did not provide potential plaintiffs with much ammunition for a lawsuit. In the early 1990's, the Federal Government and many states began to strengthen the laws already on the books and add new laws which affect the employee/employer relationship.

These laws regulate treatment of disabled workers and workers in protected categories, such as race, age, gender, national origin, and religion. The Congress and some state legislatures have also provided for personal and family medical leave, as well as other protections for employees.

Alan G. Crone and the attorneys in the employment law section of Kramer + Crone, PLC have developed this web site to give you a perspective on the general nature of employment law in the United States. We have used federal law as our guide. Many states have unique employment laws which may or may not follow federal law. Please contact us if you have more specific questions.

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